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What's new on SimAgri ?

Machines ranges update

Several machines are not available as brand new ones anymore :

- Alpego : 2 machines are not built anymore
- Case IH : 6 machines are not built anymore
- Coutand : 2 machines are not built anymore
- John Deere : 5 machines are not built anymore
- Horsch : 2 machines are not built anymore
- Rolland : 7 machines are not built anymore
- Zetor : 2 machines are not built anymore

These machines have been replaced by new models during the last SimAgri Show.

New catch crops : Rye and italian ray grass

2 new catch crops have been added to SimAgri :

- Rye Sown in october, 100 kg of seeds per hectare, 0.35 € per kilogram of seeds

- Italian ray grass : Sown in july, 20 kg of seeds per hectare, 0.34 € per kilogram of seeds.

Reminder, a catch crop helps increasing the yield for the crops sown in spring. These catch crops require few work. Crushing is made with crusher in january.

Fertiliser, spreading and fertilisation : improvements

In your preferences, you can now choose to hide the spreading and fertilisation steps so they won't show in the works to perform on a plot.

You can also choose to hide the fertilising steps when no addition is recommended on the plot.

Milk : selling part of the production to SimAgri

Milk producers can now choose the amount of milk they wish to sell directly to SimAgri

Crops : Improvements

Several improvements have been implemented for crop management

- It's now possible to choose a crop in advance (before the end of soil preparation)

- Grouped actions on selected plots : put back to fallow, choice of the cultural technique and crop choice

- It' now possible to select 10, 20, 30 ... plot at a time

In game events

Events can occur on your farm when you are logged in (a maximum of one per day and per player).

We let you discover the events we've cooked for you as you play.

Dairy : rounding the production quality

The quality of your dairy products is now rounded up to simplify the stock management.

Winegrowing : Loss in quality

Your wines will now lose quality when they stay too long in tanks (maturing phase) or in barrels (ageing phase).

The length of the maturing phase in tank and ageing phase in barrels depends now of the elaboration, control and rigor of your wine maker. The higher those 3 competences, the longer your wine will improve during the 2 phases. After that, the wine will lose quality.

Moreover, the length of each phase is not known in advance. Your wine maker will warn a few days before when you when the phase end is near. This warning will come more or less early depending on his control and rigor competences. The higher these competences are, the more he will be accurate and the more you will improve your wine.

Winegrowing : Blends

You can now make wine made with blend of several grape varieties.

There are 2 types of blends :
- Labelled blends : labelled for all, you can add them to VitiSim contests ( the blend names and components are virtual as we haven\'t been able to get real blend data).
- Free blends: created by your wine maker, they can\'t compete on VitiSim contests.

To produce a blend wine, your wine maker must first learn how to master it. The APs needed to master a blend depends on how many grape varieties are used for the blend and your wine maker\'s competence in elaboration, organisation and control.

Blending is done during the maturing phase in tanks. It increases the wine quality during the whole maturing phase (the more grape varieties in the blend, the higher is the potential quality gain) and thus the selling price is potentially higher too.

WInegrowing : Wine recapitulatory

A new page is available under Buildings > Control panel > My registered wines, there you can check your registered wines and the results of the VitiSim show.