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What's new on SimAgri ?

Machines ranges update

Several machines are not available as brand new ones anymore :

- Fendt :15 machines are not built anymore
- Mc Cormick : 2 machines are not built anymore
- Gregoire Besson : 3 machines are not built anymore
- Jeantil : 5 machines are not built anymore
- Krone : 4 machines are not built anymore
- Sulky-Burel : 3 machines are not built anymore

These machines have been replaced by new models during the last SimAgri Show.

SAEC : Inciting to vote

To incite SAEC members to vote on the monthly decisions, some changes have been made:

- Reminder on the home page of the members about the propositions or votes left for the month.
- During the proposition phase, a member can register his abstention if no proposition in the list suits him. His abstention will then be counted in the voting phase.
- Members who will participate in less than 50% of the votes during their mandate will not be allowed to run for a new mandate.

Livestock : Old animal sales

Old animals cannot be sold on the market, they can only be sold to the slaughterhouse or to a friend.

Here are the thresholds for each species :

- Cattle, sheep : 10 years
- Pigs : 3 years
- Goats, Poultry, Guinea Fowl : 7 years
- Rabbits : 5 years
- Geese : 8 years
- Ducks : 6 years
- Buffaloes, riding horses : 20 years
- Fallow deers : 18 years
- Draft horses : 22 years
- Ponies : 28 years

In fact, these thresholds match the age from which livestock can die from old age.

Ergonomics : Choice of the goods loading and transferring mode

When loading goods on a trailer or transferring goods from a building to another, you now have the choice between :

- Choose from a percentage list the amount of goods to be loaded

- Enter directly the amount to be loaded

Forestry : Work planning improved

We've improved two things to the work planning :

- You can sort works per region

- Show only works that you can actually perform (for example if the skidding is not done, the forwarding will not show).

Livestock : meadow displacements

When moving livestock in meadows, you can now see the food (winter ration, grass) available in each meadow.
It shows when moving a cattle truck, moving from a building and moving from another meadow.

Ergonomics : simplification of accessories unloading

You can now unload from a trailer or commercial van several acessories (troughs, racks, barbwire etc...) at the same time and at the same place (warehouse, barn, meadow, etc...).
It will save you some clicks and APs.

Merket : New sales summing up

The summary sales to markets and wholesalers page has been reviewed :

- A filter for products (cheese, eggs, etc) has been added
- A filter on term
- Log of the current year and the 2 previous years.
- Sorting columns

Standing Equipments : Sorting

You can now sort your standing equiments.

Livestock purchasing : Save search criteria

When purchasing livestock from the cooperative, you can now save your searching criteria for each family ( cow, bulls, etc...). The sorting criteria can be saved as well.

You can also save them as your main search. This way , when you go to the cooperative market to purchase livestock, you will be directed to your favorite search (ie Organic Meusienne Hen).