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What's new on SimAgri ?

Repair outside the region

Repairs of equipment outside the region (irrigation) are now entrusted to the workshops in the area where the equipment is located. In the case of course where you decide to call a workshop.

Annual maintenance and GPS installation

Dealers through their workshop can now move directly to their customer to perform annual maintenance and mounting of GPS receivers. IMPORTANT: If you are a dealer, consider activating your \"traveling\" rates for maintenance and GPS installations. This novelty will for example make it possible to carry out the annual maintenance of irrigation equipment directly in the plots.

3 new second hand equipment

We have just added 3 new second hand equipment:


Equipments list enhancements

2 new features have been added on the page of your equipments:

- addition of a button to filter uninsured equipments

- adding sorting on the columns

Maintenance history for second hand equipment

We added the maintenance information (weekly and yearly) for the equipment on sale in the second hand section.

Filters your plots

We have modified the filters on the page of your plots.

- You can now filter on multiple crops at the same time.

- By clicking on information about the location of your plots (region / department / zone), you immediately activate a geographical filter.

Transportation : driver in interim

You can now take interim drivers into your transportation business. The differences with conventional contract drivers are:

- higher remuneration than a conventional contract (+ 25%)
- end of the contract at any time
- pay for AP used if break in the day (if the driver stays several days, he will be paid daily to his salary)

These drivers acting will allow you to respond to a temporary increase in your business or to deliver an emergency order for example.

Adding a new challenge

A new challenge has been added: Your best turnover Transport.

For this challenge, we count the turnover of all the transports that you have completed during the challenge.

The challenge will be either the transport of goods or the transport of equipment.

Sort your plots

You can now sort your plots and meadows. The sort you have defined will be used in the left menu and the main plots / meadows list as well as in the various selection menus (for example to bring an animal into a meadow).

We suggest you order only the plots / meadows you view. For example, if you are in a group of plots, you can only order them.

For plots, you can also independently order plots sown or to work. For example, if you want to monitor a plot sown with wheat, you can put it at the top of your list without affecting its order in the main list.

For selection menus, we display in the order the plots outside the group (in the order you have defined) then the plots in the groups (in the alphabetical order and order you have defined).

Machines ranges update

Several machines are not available as brand new ones anymore :

- Alpego : 2 machines are not built anymore
- Case IH : 6 machines are not built anymore
- Coutand : 2 machines are not built anymore
- John Deere : 5 machines are not built anymore
- Horsch : 2 machines are not built anymore
- Rolland : 7 machines are not built anymore
- Zetor : 2 machines are not built anymore

These machines have been replaced by new models during the last SimAgri Show.