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What's new on SimAgri ?

Christmas game : The wheel of fortune

For the end of the year celebrations, get gifts by turning the wheel of fortune.

Up to 5 gifts per day ! But, be careful, if you get on the bankruptcy square, you will lose all the gifts of the day !

Good luck and happy end of the year celebrations.

Help to the new players

When you create a new account (not secondary farms ) we offer you the option to start with a running farm.

After he choose his farm style ( crops, cattle breeding, poultry breeding ...), he can choose buildings, machines, crops and animals dedicated to the farm style he chose.

Only a building and a fallow plot will be free as it was before. The rest will be billed after the first game year through a bank loan that will be reimbursed in 5 game years.

We hope this will help new players to immerse themselves into the game and keep them from running away from a beginning that can be quite a challenge.

New pack : Revival pack

For the duration of your choice, you will be able to revive your animals even the ones you sent by mistake to the slaughterhouse.

For the animals sold to the slaughterhouse, they have to be revived before midnight and you will have to reimburse the money you got from their sale. After midnight, animals sold to the slaughterhouse are removed from the list and can't be revived anymore.

But pay attention to the following :
- You will be able to revive an animal only once.
- Animals who died from old age and animals coming from the VIRB can't be revived.
- Revived animals will come back to the arrival pen.
- Broken or stopped by animal death AIC contracts will not be re activated automatically.
- Nursing stopped because of the animal death can't be re activated.

Irrigation : using a pipeline

You can now irrigate your fields using a pipeline.

To do so, you can connect one or several irrigation drums directly on a pipeline. If the pipeline is closed of course, there will be no irrigation.

If you have programmed a center pivot in one of your fields, then the water will be taken first from the spring if there is one, then from the pipeline if it's open. If it is closed it will be taken from the check dam if there is one.

Warning ! Water consumed has to be paid daily.

Irrigation : Install and remove several equipment at the same time

You can now install or remove several equipment ( irrigation drums, spray lines) at the same time in a same plot.

For irrigation drums, they have to require the same traction power as you will choose just one tractor which is going to perform the whole operation.

APs for installation and transportation and the fuel will depend on the number of machines installed.

Please note that the amount of APs to install a line has been reduced to 3 APs. and 1.5 to remove it.

Industrial cheese diary : Sell organic products to whole salers

Whole salers and buying centres can now buy organic products (cheese, cream, butter) from industrial cheese diaries.

LIvestock, plots and meadows : changing groups

You can now change livestock, plots and meadows directly from a group to another

Woody meadows : Meadows group

You can now put your meadows in groups to make an easier management.

Groups work just like single meadows.

LIvestock, plots and meadows : New group tasks
When you select a group of livestock, of plots or meadows, you can choose :

- to follow all the ticked elements
- not to follow the ticked elements
- remove the note on all the ticked elements

Livestock : bug fixed on selling sick animals

A bug made it possible to sell animals through groups to players or to the slaughterhouse and it wasn't possible to sell sick animals individually. We fixed so no it's not possible anymore to sell sick animals.

VIRBGen Show : Selling several animals

On the VIRBGen Show, you can now put on sale several animals at the same time.