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What's new on SimAgri ?

2 new breeds "sheep"

2 new breeds "sheep" are available. Berrichon du Cher (available at the livestock seller) and Romane in VIRB. Good luck to future breeders!

Attach an animal sheet

You can now attach at the bottom of the page up to 5 animal sheets that will be accessible in 1 click. These cards can be used to monitor an animal, compare animals quickly ...

To attach a file, simply click on the pin at the top right of the sheet.

Care / vaccines pack

The "veterinary care" pack becomes the "care / vaccines" pack. We have added the possibility of automatically vaccinating your animals. You can set the species to be cared and vaccinated independently.

IMPORTANT: if you already have this pack, you must go configure it by selecting the species to care / vaccinate. By default no species is selected (to avoid unpleasant invoice surprises ...).

History of inseminations

We have added for each female a history of inseminations. You will be able to see the last males used for your inseminations. From this history, you can once again use a male who had already inseminated the female. In 1 click, you will switch to the page of available males / doses according to the selected parent.

Bison / buck weight correction

We have just corrected the problem on weight gain of bison and buck. These animals were way too heavy when adult. The growth of your animals will be diminished today. We do not touch animals that have finished growing. Diet in sight!

Rankings of animal productions

A new ranking has been added. You can now consult the rankings of the players according to their animal productions: milk, egg and wool.

Order ascending / descending list of your animals

On the list of your animals you can now sort them in ascending / descending order. Previously only sorting in ascending order was possible.

Milking and egg picking pack : new option

A new option has been added to the milking and egg picking pack. You can now choose the milkings that will be transferred to your cheese dairy. For example if you want to produce your cheese at noon you can request a transfer only for the first 2 milkings of the day. You will not lose the milk transferred unnecessarily on the other 2 milkings.

By default, all milkings are selected for transfer.

Label Calf / Lamb

The Label Calf / Lamb under the mother has just been extended by one day. Previously the animal lost its label just before changing age category which resulted in difficulty to identify it in order to sell it. Now, the little one appears well in the animals to grow and you will be visually informed of the presence of the label.

VIRB horses and ponies

VIRB is now open for horses and ponies! To get horses and ponies to develop, you need to unlock the places by achieving genetic goals.

VIRB is now available on the Expert server!